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While spontaneity might be the spice of life, instantaneity is the key to operations for waste haulers across roll-off, commercial, residential, recycling and portable toilet business lines.

Business growth depends on being able to stick with routines while expanding. To take advantage of new opportunities, business owners need a live view of all inventories, trucks, routes, customer and prospect locations, and need the technology that allows customers to make instant changes anytime. In an era when competition is growing, with new startups and mergers and acquisitions constantly shifting the competitive landscape, the company that can adapt to serve customers best will rise to the top.

The ability to connect with customers and their needs drives efficiencies in a business and allows companies to serve customer expectations in ways that increase satisfaction and loyalty.

Here are some insights on the technology needed to make instant connections and changes that result in new revenue, higher service levels, greater efficiency and gain views of metrics so companies can make corrections to all aspects of operations.

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Starlight's data on mobile.

Contractor app. Unpredictability is the most predictable aspect of roll-off and other types of hauling as a customer’s routine needs can change on the fly. Giving them the ability to make or change orders from a phone, check pricing, make payments, run reports and more is key to helping catch all the curveballs that come their way and optimize business and outcomes.

When looking at software options, be sure all parties using the company’s system will be able to make changes directly in real time. Take advantage of the ability to take orders, make changes, route, reroute and change services instantly to stop lost revenue, add new revenue and drive efficiency when situations come up unexpectedly. This ability can lay the foundation for increased revenue and profitability in the short and long term.

The contractor app specific to Starlight’s roll-off software drives a customer’s business productivity and satisfaction when they log on to their mobile device and review the real-time work status, place live orders, upload pictures for drivers and make payments. It also can verify pricing, run up-to-the-minute material reports and chat with staff for updates. Once a job is complete, contractors can instantly receive information about their projects like recycling and material reports, weight tickets, notes, images and invoices. This further adds to their ability to manage profits and losses in real time.

Dynamic pricing and billing. Adjusting pricing based on supply and demand enables businesses to maintain revenue streams appropriate for their workload, resources and market conditions. If businesses can define the market areas they serve and set unique pricing, matching expenses in each of their markets, they will maintain profit margins across a variety of locations. Setting automatic billing for customers that go out according to set schedules can simplify operations and create more reliable and steady income streams. Integrating a software system for managing hauling operations with existing enterprise systems like QuickBooks and other accounting packages will enable businesses to quickly synchronize all systems with a single interface. This is possible with systems that offer open architecture. Operations software solutions need to be seen as the hub of the wheel that connects and synchronizes all other systems and enables companies to move forward faster with well-coordinated information.

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Some data that Starlight provides.

Instant dispatch management and key metric analysis. Getting from Point A to Point B is not always as simple as expected. A lot can happen along a hauler’s route, including missed residential pick-ups, the need for extra roll-offs, early pick-ups, canceled orders, same-day orders, truck breakdowns, driver absences and more. If a business can't make instant changes, it misses opportunities for new business and the chance to deliver value to a customer in need. Above all else, it is a company’s reputation for great service that distinguishes it from the competition and creates lasting loyalty. It’s also critical to find a system that allows access to data in the cloud. If a company can’t visualize its inventory, routes, customer locations or monitor metrics live, it can’t see where it can streamline operations for efficiency and can't take advantage of a new customer or revenue opportunities.

Being able to instantly access information is a critical differentiator between hauling companies that scale quickly and those that don’t. There are many ways software solutions can enable businesses to make instant adjustments to operations. In a market where products are similar, dumpsters, trash pickup and hauling services don’t differ much among suppliers, and demand for instant responsiveness to customers’ needs is the new standard.

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Starlight can provide data on job placement, among other things.

The only way to compete is through customer service. Monitoring in real-time is essential to maintaining customer satisfaction and achieving lifetime loyalty. Starlight Software Solutions provides a robust suite of applications for dispatch, contractors, drivers, customers, recycling, reporting and all areas of waste hauling operations. This leading platform is built upon the specific needs of haulers for commercial, residential, roll-off, recycling and portable toilet business lines and offers all the instantaneity required to thrive, grow, and compete.

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