Alabama landfill to close in phases

C&D materials landfill to shut down by 2028 using phased approach.

The city of Gulf Shores, Alabama, has been informed by the owner of a construction and demolition materials landfill in the city that the firm is preparing to close the facility in phases between now and 2028.

An online news item by Mobile, Alabama-based WKRG-TV includes comments from Gulf Shores City Engineer Mark Acreman, who says the owner of Gulf Shores Landfill notified the city of its shutdown plan. Acreman characterizes the landfill as accepting primarily “wood, metals [and] vegetation.”

A listing on the website lists the landfill as being owned by Brolin Enterprises LLC. In an online directory of potential government contractors, Brolin Enterprises is listed as being based in Niceville, Florida, and is described as a provider of “engineering services, environmental consulting services, solid waste collection, other waste collection [and a] solid waste landfill.”

The WKRG report says the landfill owner and the city also are preparing a closure plan to be submitted to the Alabama Department of Environmental Management. That plan calls for about 20 percent of the landfill to be capped and closed each year in a five-year process.

“In the meantime, parts of the landfill will remain open while the owner preps the rest of the property so the state can confirm the land is safe for future development,” writes the TV station.

Acreman says the land left behind will “look like a big green hill,” and future use of the property as a landfill will not be permitted.

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