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Sennebogen 825 Electro Battery scrap handler

Photo provided by Cronimet

With an operating weight of 30 tons and a range of 14 meters, Germany-based Sennebogen’s 825 Electro Battery scrap handler is a zero-emission machine that features low maintenance and operating costs, according to German metal recycling and trading company Cronimet Ferroleg GmbH. The material handler’s other features include:

  • an onboard charger and 63A CEE plug system that enables the machine to charge using
    conventional power sockets
  • a quiet, vibration-free cab compared with diesel machines
  • a cab that elevates so operators can see over the tops of piles of material
  • the ability to work longer without refueling while saving up to 50 percent in energy costs

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Pellenc ST Compact

photo of Pellenc ST Compact
Photo provided by Pellenc

Pellenc ST’s Compact+ automatic sorting machine line is “particularly suited to installations where space and access are limited,” says the France-based company. The new line is designed with municipal solid waste, wood and plastics in mind. Some of its features include:

  • a choice between gantry- and conveyor-based systems, offering a variety of installation options
  • an extended near-infrared/visible spectrum designed to provide “focused illumination” that effectively separates different grades of wood, polyethylene terephthalate, paper and cardboard
  • a remote electrical cabinet that can be placed up to about 16.5 feet from the machine  
  • four valve block sizes that are available to sort different materials

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Photo provided by Astec

Astec Industries GT2612V screening plant

Chattanooga, Tennessee-based Astec Industries Materials Solutions Group has launched a mobile, high-frequency screening plant, the GT2612V, that is designed to sort aggregates on job sites. The screening plant features a two-deck screen with a rotary tensioning system designed to maximize uptime. The GT2612V’s other features include:

  • a 136-horsepower Caterpillar Tier 4 Final engine
  • a walkway around the screen and remote grease lubrication for ground-level access and simplified maintenance
  • deck-mounted, variable-speed hydraulic vibrators and a hydraulic mechanism that can change operating angles
  • four conveyors featuring hydraulic drives that easily fold up when the GT2612V needs to be moved

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